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  1. Leah Chase says:

    Just a note of thanks for the nice write up about my jazzfest set on 4/25. I do appreciate your attendance
    in the jazz tent to catch my set. You know, we nervous performers always worry that there’ll be no one out there and that we’ll perform to an empty tent – just the thought of it gives me the shivers.

    I obviously have to send my apologies over to the blues tent. It’s funny because they keep moving the jazz tent to avoid overlapping sound from our lovely neighbors in the blues and gospel tents and the nearby outdoor stages…and what do you know, it’s me “foghorn leghorn” that causes the problem. I guess a little amplification goes a long, long way. That piercing note comment made me laugh…I always think of myself as a shy southern flower with a voice that doesn’t pack much power. I guess it’s true, we can’t see ourselves as we really are.

    Again, Thanks

    Leah Chase


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