Craig Ball & Gayle O’Connor Talk About the Sedona Conference Primer on Social Media

That’s right. Fresh off her ACEDS blog post about the newly released Sedona Conference primer on social media, Gayle takes over the EDiscovery Channel hosting duties to talk with Craig Ball about that publication.

So read the blog. Watch the video. Then be sure to attend the Sedona Conference webinar on the primer hosted by Ken Withers, Deputy Executive Director of The Sedona Conference and featuring several members of the Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production who helped craft the primer.  These include Federal Magistrate Judge Kristen Mix of the District of Colorado,  Atty. Andrea D’Ambra, head of ED and IG at Norton Rose, Julie Lewis CEO and Founder of Digital Mountain and Phil Favro of Driven Inc.  The webinar is on Aug 8 and a registration link can be found here on the Sedona site.

And if, after all that, you still haven’t heard enough on the subject, you can find Gayle along with ACEDS Executive Director Mary Mack and Director of Strategic Partnerships Kaylee Walstad at ILTACON18 from Aug.19-23 in National Harbor, MD. (they say it’s in DC, but it’s not. It’s in Maryland. Across the river from Alexandria. Which has the closest METRO stop) . Stop by the ACEDS booth,  # 130, or better yet, sign up for their evening river cruise on Wednesday night! They’d love to talk with you about all the exciting things going on at ACEDS.

Craig Ball may be there, I can’t really say since he IS the EDiscovery International Man of Mystery and his schedule is a closely guarded secret. But I’ll be there, so feel free to track me down and we can chat.

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