Building Up to Jazz Fest

It’s a rainy day in New Orleans and I’ve been helping my friend Darren move into a new apartment around the corner because his current landlord, Nutsy Neil, thinks that  his tenants have to let him come to town and crash during Jazz Fest. But that’s another crazy NOLA story for another day.

Meanwhile here’s some pics of the Jazz Fest build out that’s been going on across the street all week:

Day One delivering the frames

Day Two framing the Acura Stage

Day Three food tents built out …. mmmmm crawfish monica, crawfish pies,  crawfish bread, mango sorbet

(crawfish sorbet just doesn’t do it for anyone)

Day Four Gosepl Tent is up: hallelujah!!

Day Five Acura Stage is framed

Day Five Blues Tent frame laid out

Day Six   Raising the roof on the Blues Tent

That’s it for today.  

But if you happen to be coming to Jazz Fest be sure to stop by and say hi: we’re at 3108 Fortin St which is the street that runs along the south side of the Fair Grounds.  As you can see we’re right behind the Blues Tent on the corner of Fortin and Lopez, one block from the Sauvage St. Entrance Gate.

You can’t miss us: big yellow house, pirate flags, Bob Marley banner and a big tin crawfish on the second story deck. If you see smoke, it’s either the BBQ or cigars …  or both.  Come on up and join the party.  Bon temps roulez cher.


One Response to Building Up to Jazz Fest

  1. Colleen Newvine Tebeau says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos. I’ve never seen the fairgrounds under construction and it’s fun to get a backstage peek at what happens before all of us out of towners arrive.

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