We’re Back

So my Dad died last year and I sort of lost my spirit for writing there for a while. But then a funny thing happened to me and to New Orleans. We got our mojo back with a football team. A PRO football team, so go figure.  But make no mistake the Saints are the spirit of New Orleans and win or lose this Sunday they will have captured the heart and soul of this entire city and given us all something to believe in.  And that’s working together, having fun, enjoying our neighbors and ourselves.  It’s the journey not the destination.

But make no mistake, we’re all pulling for the Saints to win. But we’ll be doing it at the Crescent City Cigar Shop, eating Armandos sausage rolls with his secret sauce, smoking good stogies and enjoying a good time with our friends.  Who dat baby!!!!

Oh yeah …… it’s only 11 days to Mardi Gras!!  Bon temps roulez mon amis.


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