In Greek mythology, Endymion was a young man so handsome that Selene, the goddess of the moon, fell in love with him and asked Zeus to grant him eternal youth in so he would never leave her.  In typical Greek ironic tradition, Zeus granted her wish by putting Endymion into an eternal sleep: never dead, but never awake.

In New Orleans, the Krewe of Endymion is one of the “new” parade organizations which started in the 60’s and led a resurgence of interest in both the city of New Orleans and Mardi Gras.  Well known for having movie stars and rock musicians as their Grand Marshall (this years honoree was Kid Rock, who has a long relationship with the city through his friendship with Sidney Torres) , Endymion is also known as  the “people’s parade”. 

It is the only  major parade that goes through residential neighborhood of Mid-City and the Saturday event, which typically lasts 4-6 hours, is preceded by  a four hour party called Samedi Gras  (Fat Saturday : Samedi is French for Saturday …. the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club also has a large party on Lundi Gras or Fat Monday … more on that, well Monday) which is basically a block party that stretches for about 10 city blocks. People start coming to the neutral ground to pick out their spots 2 days ahead of time: on Thursday night this year we had a pizza delivered and the delivery man told us they had been delivering pies all evening to the site.  “If you didn’t know better”, he said,  “you’d think there was a parade tonite.”
Nice Colors

Nice Colors

Gettin Ready

Gettin Ready

This year, Kid Rock was coaxed into taking the stage just before the parade started: the crowd loved him as much as he seems to love New Orleans.  


Kid Rocks


People also came to Endymion’s parade to catch throws.  As the most generous club in Carnival, krewe memberslived up to their motto, “Throw until it hurts.” Literally, millions of beads, cups, doubloons and trinkets were tossed-then as now, no one goes home from an Endymion parade empty-handed.

Luck O' The Irish

Luck O' The Irish


 So thanks to Stevie, Mid City Tommy, Mikey Mike, The Hebrew Hammer and all the rest of the Murat Street Krewe for the lagniappe.  And a special thanks to Gayle for the photos, the beads and especially the spirit … she takes New Orleans with her wherever she goes!






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