JazzFest Wraps Up

Sunday was a beautiful day in New Orleans: sunny, mild breeze, low humidity. I spent the day listening to two guitar gods:  Lafayette Loozian slide guitar master Sonny Landreth, the greatest guitarist you’ve never heard about and then Carlos Santana.  Two different styles but two great sets of soaring power guitar playing that had me sitting back on the grass, eyes closed and feeling myself carried away with the sounds.



My day ended with the return of the Neville Brothers to the closing act on the Acura Stage. It was introduced as a homecoming and it was all that and more as they took the stage with a group of Mardi Gras Indians and past members of the band kept coming out to join in.  Even Carlos Santana stepped in for two songs.  The mostly local crowd cheered some favorite old tunes that had local roots: Big Chief, Iko Iko, Wild Tchoupitoulis, Brother John, Yellow Moon and cheered loudly as Cyrille Neville announced ” we’re back home” and big brother Art said  “We’re back and so is New Orleans”.

Hey Pockey Way


One Response to JazzFest Wraps Up

  1. Gayle M OConnor says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing…I almost felt as if I were there, shrimp boots and all. Thank you for sharing…

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